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The Conduct and Discipline Unit (CDU) was formally established in the Department of Field Support in 2007 following the initial formation of a Conduct and Discipline Team in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations in 2005. It was launched as part of a package of reforms in United Nations peacekeeping designed to strengthen accountability and uphold the highest standards of conduct.


CDU maintains global oversight of the state of discipline in all peacekeeping operations and special political missions. It provides overall direction for conduct and discipline issues in field missions, including formulating policies, training and outreach activities and handling allegations of misconduct.


Conduct and Discipline Teams (CDTs) in field missions act as principal advisers to heads of mission on conduct and discipline issues involving all categories of personnel. The CDTs address all forms of misconduct by United Nations peacekeeping personnel, including acts of sexual exploitation and abuse. Click here to see the list of field missions covered by CDTs.

UN Secretary

  Let me be clear: the United Nations, and I personally, are profoundly committed to a zero-  tolerance policy against sexual exploitation or abuse by our own personnel. This means zero complacency. When we receive credible allega- tions, we ensure that they are looked into fully. It means zero impunity. 


United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon




Fact Sheet on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (September 2015)

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