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The Conduct and Discipline Unit (CDU) was formally established in the Department of Field Support in 2007 following the initial formation of a Conduct and Discipline Team in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations in 2005.


CDU provides overall direction for conduct and discipline issues in peacekeeping operations and special political missions, including incidents of sexual exploitation and abuse. The scope of CDU’s work includes formulating policies, developing training and awareness raising activities and ensuring oversight of the handling of allegations of misconduct. CDU also advises the Under-Secretary-General for Field Support on all aspects of the implementation of the three-pronged strategy of prevention, enforcement and remedial action to address misconduct. Conduct and Discipline Teams (CDTs) in field missions advise heads of mission on conduct and discipline issues involving all categories of personnel and address all forms of misconduct by United Nations peacekeeping personnel, including acts of sexual exploitation and abuse


Report of the Secretary-General on Special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse


In his 2014 report, the Secretary-General outlined over 40 ambitious proposals to strengthen the Organization’s response to sexual exploitation and abuse. The proposals target aspects of prevention, enforcement, accountability and victim assistance. The Secretary-General took these initiatives even further in his 2015 report, with the goal of enhancing transparency, expanding support provided to victims, and strengthening accountability. Addressing sexual exploitation and abuse is a shared responsibility between the United Nations and its Member States. Click here to read more about the measures being taken by the United Nations and its Member States to address sexual exploitation and abuse.

UN Secretary

  Let me be clear: the United Nations, and I personally, are profoundly committed to a zero-  tolerance policy against sexual exploitation or abuse by our own personnel. This means zero complacency. When we receive credible allega- tions, we ensure that they are looked into fully. It means zero impunity. 


United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon




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