Overview of Statistics

Record-keeping and data tracking of allegations of misconduct and subsequent actions started in 2006. In July 2008, the Department of Field Support (DFS) launched the Misconduct Tracking System (MTS), a global database and confidential tracking system for all allegations of misconduct.

The statistical information provided on this website is derived from MTS as well as data received from the Investigations Division of the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS). Statistics on allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse are provided by OIOS. OIOS may receive allegations independently which are not immediately known to either Conduct and Discipline Teams (CDTs) in the field or DFS/DPKO. Consequently, there is no strict correlation between data from OIOS at the allegation stage and data on the status of investigations of allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse from MTS.

An allegation is an unproven report of alleged misconduct, which may not necessarily lead to an investigation if there is insufficient information to warrant an investigation. Allegations are counted per individual, unless the number and/or identities of individuals have not been confirmed. In that case, allegations would be counted per incident.

A completed investigation is an investigation report with details on evidence either substantiating or not substantiating the allegations against a number of individuals. Completed investigations are counted on the basis of individuals involved and therefore may also differ from the number of allegations as initially reported.